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Eich's E-Learning

What is the Eich's E-Learning?

Eich's E-Leaning is a program created for virtual or hybrid learning students (3rd grade and above). Parents need help in this time of need and we have a huge space where we can help give the kids a safe space  to go when parents are at work.  We are creating a quiet socially distant location outside of the home where kids can go to continue their leaning.  This is not a tutoring, home-school, or daycare program.   All children should be self-sufficient and able to focus without constant instruction.

What is the format?

We will offer this 5 days/week Monday - Friday.   Full Days are 7:30am - 3:00pm and Half Days are 7:30am - Noon

There will be time each day for Lunch and time throughout the day to get up and get your body moving!

We also offer after school activities!   The day officially ends at 3:00pm, but we will offer after school services as well.  ALL participants must be picked up by 5pm

What does my child need to bring?

Each child will need to bring:

  • Laptop and charger
  • Headphones
  • Any books and schoolwork they need
  • Peanut free snacks and a lunch
  • A Refillable Water Bottle

What does Eich's Provide?

Eich's will provide the following:

  • A desk or table and chair for each child which is placed in a socially distant area
  • Free wifi
  • An area to charge their computer
  • A Safe environment for your child with adult supervision

Do they need to wear a mask?

Participants need to wear a mask when entering the facility and when exiting the facility.   They may remove the mask when they are at their socially distant table.  If they get up to use the bathroom or for any other reason their mask must be on. 

Who is watching my kid?

Eich's will provide supervision throughout the day.  The staff will be there to help assist your child in logging on and getting connected to their virtual classrooms.   The program is created and run by Brian Eich.  Brian has a Bachelor of Science in Education with 9 years of teaching experience.  Again, we are not a tutoring or home school program, but we will help where we can!

What about Free Time?

My child has free time built in to their schedule, what can they do at that time?   We will encourage to get up and be active!  We will have structured games and activities such as volleyball, basketball, 1 on 1 Corn-hole games and much more.  ALL activities will be run and designed in a "socially distant" manner. 

What precautions are we taking to help stay safe?

Eich's has put into place a very extensive cleaning protocol that we continue to operate under.   We have taken into account the Best Practices that CDC and IDPH has put into place.   Of course no one can guarantee that your child or anyone will contract this virus.  If any of our guests contract covid we will contact you immediately.

What are the Fees?

Half Day: $35; 2nd child - $30; 3rd child - $25

Full Day: $50/child

Family Discounts- 2nd child $40/day; 3rd child $30/day

After School Hours: 3pm-4pm - $10; 3pm-5pm - $15

*Anyone picking up after 3pm will be charged $10; Picking up after 4pm will be charged $15; All participants must have a valid credit card on file with Eich's

Register online; limited spots available!

When does the program start?

The program will start Monday, August 31st; No sessions on Monday, September 7th (Labor Day)

Services will not offered on National Holiday's.

Eich's will not operate under the same guidelines as a public school or a daycare facility, but we will be implementing Best Practices recommended by the  IDPH and CDC. This program is subject to cancellation due to COVID-19 or low enrollment.