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AAU Club Code

Our club code for 2022 is: W354FT

AAU announces Academic All-American's


Effort: we believe in rewarding and praising effort, regardless of outcome

Vanquish your fears! You can’t play scared! Don’t be afraid to try your best win or lose! If you give your utmost effort in practice and the game, there is nothing to be afraid of! Never be afraid to make a mistake!

Confidence: When you work hard you can be confident you have done your best and confident in your abilities! Be confident and focused when on the court! Expect to improve and succeed!

Passion: we instill love for the sport, and we encourage volleyball for life

Respect: we promote ethical behavior, fair play and respect. Respect for the game, yourself, your teammates, your opponents, the referee and the spectators.

Integrity: we act in a fair, consistent and transparent manner

Dedication: we expect all members to make a commitment to the club and to their team

Excellence: We set, work towards, and achieve the highest standards


Role Name Email Address
Club Director Brian Eich
Asst Club/Finance Director Sarah Eich
Coaching Director Patrick Vaughan
In-House Director Brian
Recruiting Director Scott Lustik


EVC Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide athletes with comprehensive mental and physical training with a highly experienced coaching staff to enable our athletes to exceed their potential in both volleyball and life. Our coaches and administrative staff strive to provide a safe, positive, encouraging and rewarding environment while maintaining an emphasis in areas of hard work, mental and physical strength, commitment, sportsmanship, teamwork and character development.

Eichs Volleyball Club (EVC) will strive to provide the highest level of technical and fundamental training to each athlete. EVC will train each team to compete at the highest level of performance available. EVC demands that each athlete demonstrate respect and responsibility on and off the court. While teaching each athlete to perform at their personal best, we aspire to have nationally recognized and competitive teams.

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College Commitments

Brenna Rande - 2017 - MacMurray College

Kendall Lustik -2017 - MacMurray College