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Eich's Volleyball Club

Wine Advent Calendar Raffle for the Garder's

Thank you for all of your support for the Gardner family!  The winning ticket # is 132607 - Green Ticket.  Please email Brian at

Next week we will be raffling a FREE Winter In-House Volleyball season fees!  Buy your tickets at Eich's for next week

Text FOROLIVIA to 61474 to add get your free test to see if you are a Match for Olivia!


2018-19 Individual Award Winner's



Watch List




2019 Energy

Under the Dome

All Tournament

Cailyn Miller 15Eich

Taylor French 15 Eich

Adrienne Rodriguez 15 Eich

Mazie Gierat 15 Eich

Meghan Mrksic 16 Diehl

Jenna Vogen 16 Diehl

McKenna Clinton 16 Diehl

Marty Fraga 16 Dixon

Logan Gieske 16 Dixon

Jacob Dixon, 16 Dixon

Isaac Gallinero, 16 Dixon

Andrew Fedmasu, 16 Allen

Jacob Dixon - Boys 16 National

Jace Milka - Boys 16 National

Jack Savio  - Boys 16 National

Nico Zavala - Boys 16 National

Izzy Minor - 16 Diehl

Meghan Mrksic - 16 Diehl

Cailyn Miller - 15 Eich

Taylor French - 15 Eich

McKenna Peplow - 15 Eich

Adrienne Rodriguez - 15 Eich

Jenna Vogen - 16 Diehl

Mazie Gierat - 15 Eich

Mackenzie Welsh - 14 Espinili



Role Name Email Address
Club Director Brian Eich
Asst Club/Finance Director Sarah Eich
Coaching Director Patrick Vaughan
In-House Director Brian and Sarah
Recruiting Director Scott Lustik


AAU announces Academic All-American's

College Commitments

Brenna Rande - 2017 - MacMurray College

Kendall Lustik -2017 - MacMurray College

EVC Documents